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Offset Printing

Our company provides full range of offset printing products.

Business card printing dubai

Business card printing dubai















letter head

letterhead printing dubai
















envelope printing dubai

envelope printing dubai













brochure printing dubai

brochure printing dubai
















flyer printing dubai

flyer printing dubai













folder printing

folder printing dubai
























paper bag printing

paper bag printing dubai

















wedding card printing

wedding card printing dubai

















sticker printing

sticker printing dubai













Box printing

Box printing dubai
















Indoor & Outdoor Printing

Company provides indoor and outdoor printing products are ::


pop up printing dubai

pop up printing dubai

















roll up printing

roll up printing dubai



























banner printing

banner printing dubai










vehicle wrapping

vehicle wrapping dubai












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High Quality Printing Services

V2 media currently employs latest printmaster GTO which is one of the best in business.and also ideal for high defenition professional offset printing.


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Silk screen Sticker printing at v2 media

Custom silk screen sticker printing procedure

first of all the screens are created for each colours which should be on the sticker. for example if the sticker is a 2 colour sticker then we create screens for both 2 colours seperately. There is a seperate area on the screen where the ink passes through to the sticker from the screen. Now the first screen is mounted on to the printing press aligining it properly, we use special inks for all our jobs, now the first colour ink is apllied to the screen, now a squeezee will set the ink in place and the machine starts pulling in adhesive vinyl sheets to the machine.


sticker printing at our printing press in dubai

Ink is squeezed through the screen to the sheet, now the inks are dried using ultra violet rays, now the second colour is applied on a different screen and then the same procedure is carried out on the previously printed sticker with one colour.

Cutting and slitting the stickers

Now when the printing process is completed the stickers are taken to the slitting machine and each sticker will be slit nicely. after slitting the stickers are taken to the cutting machine, after aligning the stickers carefully its fed for cutting into seperate pieces.


The cut stickers will now go to the packing section, where our quality analysts will check the stickers randomly for any defects or colour accuracy problems, and is then forwarded for packaging.

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3d printing service

3d printing

Many of you seems to have questions about 3-D printing, so today we’re going to discuss about 3-D printing.

We will discuss about

  • 3-D printers
  • types of printers
  • what they can do
  • how they work

Three types of 3-D printers

  • FDM or fused deposition modelling
  • STL or stereo lithography
  • powder deposition printing
3d printing

3d printing

How the entire printing works :

First of all we take any two-dimensional design and then transform it into three dimensional using CAD software, from here we can alter any aspect of it, side the texture and the colour.
Now we take the 3-D model and virtually place it on a 3-D printer, now the cool part layer by layer our printer jets out 16 µ layers of resin on top of one another, and there is a UV light that follows the jet.

This jet mainly creates the model, this allows the object to be used without any finishing required. The print trail lowers as it prints, which lets the model grow in height.
After removing the parts comes the cleanup, first we must clean the print tray using a scraper, now by rubbing alcohol we then clean the printheads and the roller.

Then comes the cleaning up of the real part, using a waterjet we blast of any support material left over on the build.

The end result is a working 3-D prototype, that can be either made out of a rubber like material or a rigid plastic or even a combination of both.

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Digital and offset printing – whats the difference

So What is the difference between digital and offset printing ?

We get a lot of clients who ask us the difference between these printing methods, digital and offset.

Today we will try to explain the difference between the famous digital and offset printing, and which technique you should use and when to use it.

What is offset printing ?

offset printing process is the most used printing method to get high quality printed books, pamphlets, newspapers, posters and so on and so forth. The job is transferred to photosensitive plates at a rate of one plate for one colour, now these plates are then fixed onto the cylinders of the machine. The exposed areas which are sensitive to ink will recieve the colour, while flushing off the ink at unexposed areas.

Offset printing services which we provide at v2 media

  • Envelopes
  • Labels
  • Stickers
  • Brochures
  • Calendars
  • Newspapers
  • Business Cards

Digital Printing

Unlike offset printing where the job is transferred first to a plate, here in digital printing technique, the job is directly printed on to the paper in a single step.

Digital printing is considerably less complex when compared to offset method.

The main key advantage of this method is any printing press can print low quantity jobs by loading them directly on to the printer. So less turn around time.

A stronger hold

Although there are many advantages for digital printing, offset printing still has a strong hold in the printing industry

Some advantages of offset printing are :

  • offset printing provides a better control on colour thereby offering a better quality product
  • offset printers are much faster than digital printers, they can print upto 15,000 sheets per hour
  • better colour coverage
  • liquid inks are used which are absorbed into the paper so cracking the jobs does not occour.

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Embossed business card printing

Embossed business card printing

The most commonly used standard size for embossed business cards is 3.5/2 inches. The material we use for this kind of printing is 320 gsm cards.

The most common designs that we use for this card printing is

  • Round shaped
  • Rectangualr shaped
  • Square shaped
  • oval shaped
  • wooden design

We give an option for the customers for the logo to be embossed in the business card for any shape they need, furthermore to give a shiny look you can laminate with gloss or with matt which is going to give a classic cult look.

Printing machine that we use for embossing business card

We use audley 3050c embossed stamping machine imported from europe for printing and embossing business cards.

we can customize the look & feel and the quantity of cards acording to your needs.

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