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3d printing

Many of you seems to have questions about 3-D printing, so today we’re going to discuss about 3-D printing.

We will discuss about

  • 3-D printers
  • types of printers
  • what they can do
  • how they work

Three types of 3-D printers

  • FDM or fused deposition modelling
  • STL or stereo lithography
  • powder deposition printing
3d printing

3d printing

How the entire printing works :

First of all we take any two-dimensional design and then transform it into three dimensional using CAD software, from here we can alter any aspect of it, side the texture and the colour.
Now we take the 3-D model and virtually place it on a 3-D printer, now the cool part layer by layer our printer jets out 16 µ layers of resin on top of one another, and there is a UV light that follows the jet.

This jet mainly creates the model, this allows the object to be used without any finishing required. The print trail lowers as it prints, which lets the model grow in height.
After removing the parts comes the cleanup, first we must clean the print tray using a scraper, now by rubbing alcohol we then clean the printheads and the roller.

Then comes the cleaning up of the real part, using a waterjet we blast of any support material left over on the build.

The end result is a working 3-D prototype, that can be either made out of a rubber like material or a rigid plastic or even a combination of both.

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