How Brochures are printed – How we do it ?

How Brochures are printed – How we do it ?

V2 media specializes in high definition, fast turn around offset and digital brochures printing.

As soon as we recieve the artwork from our client, it will be sent to the press facility. Quality assurance team at the press will recieve the artwork first and they start processing your order, first they review the artwork for different aspects like the fonts, resolution of the artwork and the size and so on and so forth. Once the artwork is finished with the quality check, the work is sent to the prepress.


Offset brochure printing at our press

The designers at prepress assemble the orders to get the max printing efficiency, by grouping similar customers artwork for properties like paper, fonts, size & quantity. once they are done with the grouping, it is now sent to the press.

Print technicians recieve the orders from the pre press and they start assembling it and is then sent to plating. print technicians now sends each job to an imaging machine where aluminium plates loads into the plate setter and wraps up around the imaging drum. The drum spins around at 800 RPM and an infrared laser starts transferring an image to the plate. Now the transferred aluminium plates moves to the processor terminal. These are now transferred to the press.

Offset printing press for our printing jobs

We can print around 15,000 sheets per hour. The press technician takes the processed aluminium plates and hangs them on ink units of corresponding colour. Sheets are given from the back side of the machine. Now a series of rollers and carriers carries each sheet under different colour units. The rollers distribute the ink to the plates evenly, which then offsets the ink to another roller which in turn applies the ink to the paper. Our quality analysis team will pull a sheet from each 200 prints to double verify the quality of the print, by scanning for colour accuracy.

Cutting machine

After the printing is done the sheets are now moved to the cutting machine, which can slice upto 1000 sheets at a time. Each job is then seperated & transferred to the finishing central. Its in the finishing centre the brochures are fed into scoring and folding machine.


Print technician Cutting Brochures at our press

Once the machine is activated, each brochure is carried to the folder plates where upto four folds are applied to the brochures with the necessary scoring required.

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