Embossed business card printing

Embossed business card printing

The most commonly used standard size for embossed business cards is 3.5/2 inches. The material we use for this kind of printing is 320 gsm cards.

The most common designs that we use for this card printing is

  • Round shaped
  • Rectangualr shaped
  • Square shaped
  • oval shaped
  • wooden design

We give an option for the customers for the logo to be embossed in the business card for any shape they need, furthermore to give a shiny look you can laminate with gloss or with matt which is going to give a classic cult look.

Printing machine that we use for embossing business card

We use audley 3050c embossed stamping machine imported from europe for printing and embossing business cards.

we can customize the look & feel and the quantity of cards acording to your needs.

Please feel free to contact us and send us a price quote request or else chat with one of our live chat representative.

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