Digital and offset printing – whats the difference

So What is the difference between digital and offset printing ?

We get a lot of clients who ask us the difference between these printing methods, digital and offset.

Today we will try to explain the difference between the famous digital and offset printing, and which technique you should use and when to use it.

What is offset printing ?

offset printing process is the most used printing method to get high quality printed books, pamphlets, newspapers, posters and so on and so forth. The job is transferred to photosensitive plates at a rate of one plate for one colour, now these plates are then fixed onto the cylinders of the machine. The exposed areas which are sensitive to ink will recieve the colour, while flushing off the ink at unexposed areas.

Offset printing services which we provide at v2 media

  • Envelopes
  • Labels
  • Stickers
  • Brochures
  • Calendars
  • Newspapers
  • Business Cards

Digital Printing

Unlike offset printing where the job is transferred first to a plate, here in digital printing technique, the job is directly printed on to the paper in a single step.

Digital printing is considerably less complex when compared to offset method.

The main key advantage of this method is any printing press can print low quantity jobs by loading them directly on to the printer. So less turn around time.

A stronger hold

Although there are many advantages for digital printing, offset printing still has a strong hold in the printing industry

Some advantages of offset printing are :

  • offset printing provides a better control on colour thereby offering a better quality product
  • offset printers are much faster than digital printers, they can print upto 15,000 sheets per hour
  • better colour coverage
  • liquid inks are used which are absorbed into the paper so cracking the jobs does not occour.

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