Silk screen Sticker printing at v2 media

Custom silk screen sticker printing procedure

first of all the screens are created for each colours which should be on the sticker. for example if the sticker is a 2 colour sticker then we create screens for both 2 colours seperately. There is a seperate area on the screen where the ink passes through to the sticker from the screen. Now the first screen is mounted on to the printing press aligining it properly, we use special inks for all our jobs, now the first colour ink is apllied to the screen, now a squeezee will set the ink in place and the machine starts pulling in adhesive vinyl sheets to the machine.


sticker printing at our printing press in dubai

Ink is squeezed through the screen to the sheet, now the inks are dried using ultra violet rays, now the second colour is applied on a different screen and then the same procedure is carried out on the previously printed sticker with one colour.

Cutting and slitting the stickers

Now when the printing process is completed the stickers are taken to the slitting machine and each sticker will be slit nicely. after slitting the stickers are taken to the cutting machine, after aligning the stickers carefully its fed for cutting into seperate pieces.


The cut stickers will now go to the packing section, where our quality analysts will check the stickers randomly for any defects or colour accuracy problems, and is then forwarded for packaging.

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