Vehicle Branding As an Effective Marketing Tool

A vehicle travels far & wide across the city every day, so why not let it be a brand ambassador on wheels and go about flaunting your ‘marketing campaigns’ wherever possible?  Vehicle branding is picking-up pace and has become a preferred ‘choice’ for marketers and brand managers to advertise products & services in areas they want to reach their audiences. In the past decade or so, the vehicle branding company business is growing manifold, and expertly designed vehicle wraps are becoming the ‘talk of the town’ amongst customers who regularly come across your fleet of branded cars or vans on the road. Vehicle Branding Dubai is the ultimate advertising solution and if done professionally by us, it will create a lasting impression and boost your sales.

Advantages of Branding a Car: 

#1 Attention-Grabbing Media 

 According to research and previous stats, it is proven that moving vehicles ‘stand out’ and capture eyeballs. The attention-grabbing visuals and designs on your four-wheeler will definitely get a second glance, as stats suggest that movement creates fascination and your branded Ads can get as many as 100 impressions per mile. This number outdoes the number of impressions earned by static OOH advertisements on billboards or even bus stop Ads.

#2 Cost-effective 

It turns out that vehicle branding can cut down your advertising budgets and offer you more value for money, than any other branded medium. Basically, you don’t need to spend oodles of money purchasing media space on the front cover of a magazine or find a prominent spot to install your branded kiosk at a busy railway station. The vehicle is yours and the only budget you would need is to approach a reliable vehicle branding company such as V2Media and allow our expert technicians to design and neatly paste the wrapping on your car. This service comes with a warranty and V2Media makes sure customers get different wrapping material options, as per their preferences. This is a one-time cost and doesn’t require any huge investment, unlike traditional forms of advertising.

#3 Localized Marketing 

The wheel is literally in your hands and you are free to navigate the vehicle to the geographic location where your customers are present. This establishes trust and goodwill amongst localities, who prefer to approach a brand that is trusted and well-known in that particular region. Also, since you know the preferences of the audience, brand managers can gauge what type of messaging will do well and even use local language to establish a direct connection with them. Along with imagery and wordings, there is an opportunity to display logos, phone numbers, website links, and even QR codes, on the top, side & rear of the vehicle.

#4 Long-Term Creativity 

A single-vehicle wrap job executed by experts from V2Media can last for 5-7 years. Once the wrap is securely fastened, you need not worry about upgrading it every week or every month. This is not possible in print advertising, as once the advertisement is published, you can’t repeat it and the newspaper has a shelf-life of one day, after which it is very difficult to establish recall. As against this, when one repeatedly comes across a branded vehicle the message is literally drilled down and your customers won’t even think twice before approaching your business for purchasing a product or availing a service.

So, what are you waiting for? Send us your inquiries today and transform your regular cars into a cool & effective marketing tool for your business.

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